Why You Should Hire An Immigration Lawyer For Your Green Card

How do I become a U.S. citizen?

To “naturalize” means to become a citizen.

Lawful Permanent Residents in the U.S. may apply to become naturalized U.S. citizens by filing Form N-400 and supporting documents once they meet certain requirements. When the N-400 is approved, applicants are able to live, travel, vote, and run for office in the U.S. like  natural-born U.S. citizens. In most cases, applicants are able to retain citizenship in their home country and become a dual citizen of both countries.

Who is eligible to naturalize?        Collapse

The primary requirement that must be met is the amount of time spent as a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR). In general, individuals become eligible to apply for citizenship once they’ve had a green card for 5 years. If an LPR has been married to a US citizen continuously, they may apply for citizenship after 3 years instead of 5. In this case, eligibility for naturalization depends on the genuine, bona fide marriage. Eligibility is also dependent on continuous residence and physical presence in the US and ability to show “good moral character” (more on this later).

General eligibility requirements

At least 18 years old

Permanent resident for 4 years and 9 months or longer

Have not been out of the country for 30 months or longer since becoming a permanent resident

Have not taken a trip outside of the US that lasted longer than 1 year

Have resided in current state of residence for at least 3 months at time of application

Can read, write, and speak basic English

Eligibility requirements if applying based on marriage to a US citizen

At least 18 years old

Permanent resident for 2 years and 9 months or longer

Married to a US citizen for 3 years or longer

Have not been out of the country for 18 months or longer since becoming a permanent resident

Have not taken a trip outside of the US that lasted longer than 1 year

Have resided in current state of residence for at least 3 months at time of application

Can read, write, and speak basic English

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In order to become naturalized US citizens, Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) must meet specific residency and physical presence requirements. For most applicants, this means being an LPR for five years, and being physically present in the US for more than half of that time.

Immigration Lawyer

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Do you really need an immigration lawyer?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services say you can represent yourself and a lawyer is not necessary. However, once you start getting into the details, you’ll discover that a good attorney can be worth their weight in gold.

Finding the Right Immigration Lawyer: Useful Tips

When it comes to immigration and having a visa granted, there are a number of government sanctioned terms and conditions that you might need to fulfil. One way to do this would be to see it through on your own. Of course complying with such stringent terms can be a hassle, especially if you are a working professional or family person with other obligations on your plate.

Useful Tips when Hiring a Immigration Lawyer

A immigration lawyer will ensure that all your paperwork is in order and in accordance with the recommended requirement. Being well versed in current immigration laws and any associated loopholes, a good immigration lawyer makes the entire process a lot simpler and raises your chances of having the visa you want granted.

Background Work

Don’t just jump into the process in a rushed or careless manner. Though immigration is an exciting process, make sure you do your due diligence every step of the way! When it comes to hiring an immigration lawyer, don’t just go for the first charming option.

References and Documentation

Another thing you will need to pay attention to is references and documentation. If you feel the lawyer or firm you have chosen seems okay but want to really be sure, ask for references. See if you can connect with previous clients and ask how their experience was.


As with any service offered, prices may vary. Where some firms and lawyers may be very affordable, others might cost you a bomb. Don’t worry! Just make sure you have the funds to pay for the services of the professional or firm you have chosen.

Get the Best Immigration Lawyer

The process of becoming a naturalized US citizen starts with an N-400 application being filed. You are expected to submit the relevant documents along with the N-400 form, which may vary depending on the individual circumstances. Upon submitting all the paperwork, USCIS will send you a letter of appointment to have your biometrics taken.

USCIS will arrange an interview after the biometrics appointment where you will need to answer questions about your application and history, as well as take the English and Civics exam. By law, you are allowed to have an attorney present during your interview.

If you are an immigrant ready to invest in your future, it is important to find an immigration lawyer who has both skill in immigration law and a genuine caring for their clients

The initial prerequisite for all applicants to naturalize as a citizen of the United States is to be a Permanent Resident (i.e. have a Green Card). You’ll need to have been a permanent resident for at least three to five years prior to applying for citizenship, depending on your case.

Additionally, when you file your naturalization application you must be at least 18 years old; be able to speak , read and write basic English; and be a person of good moral character. Many exceptions exist to many of the criteria and it’s important to check with an attorney to see whether you qualify for exemptions from criteria.


attracts a great number of foreigners on a yearly basis. The good economic and labor conditions the country offers, together with the legislation which encourages foreign investments to attract many overseas individuals who relocate to for work or business reasons. is also part of the European Union which facilitates the transition to other member states.

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Who is required to apply for a visa?

is an EU member state which means that citizens from EU countries need not obtain residence permits when relocating here. However, they do need to register with the local police station in the city they live within 8 days from their arrival in the country.

For citizens of non-EU countries, the requirements are more stringent, meaning that these persons need to apply for one of the available types of visas prior to entering the country. Luckily, is one of the most open European countries when it comes to immigration. The government provides for various types of visas that can be obtained by citizens of non-EU countries.

Foreign citizens can rely on the following services if they want to immigrate:

 assistance in obtaining various types of visas for immigrating;

assistance in obtaining citizenship under the local legislation;

assistance in applying for residence permits with the authorities;

assistance in applying for appeals related to immigration;

assistance in applying for work-related permits;

guidance in corporate and business immigration – obtaining golden visa.